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The core message of the Circle of Impact model is that leadership begins as individual initiative to create impact. Leadership begins with the individual initiative to make a difference that matters.

Impact is change. Leaders create change.

Leaders take initiative to create impact with ideas, through relationships within social & organizational structures (Source: Dr. Ed Brenegar – Circle of Impact Media,

Circle of Impact Model

The circle of impact model is integrating the 3 dimensions of leadership  for making a difference that matters. 

  • Relationships (Trust, integrity, and service)
  • Social and Organizational Structure (Settings where we participate and contribute)
  • Ideas (Perspective, knowledge, vision)

The key to aligning these dimension is to clarify and act upon the Four Connecting Ideas: Values, Purpose, Vision and Impact. Values inform how our relationships are function. Purpose defines what our desired impact is to be. Vision is
what do we do
through social
and organizational
structure to achieve impact. Impact is the change we wish to create.

Levels of Leadership

  • Personal (Leader of his/her own self because everyone is a leader)
  • Team (Consist of 1 Leader + People + Common Purpose)
  • Organization (Consist of

    Many Teams + 1 Big Purpose + Functional Contribution + Smaller Goal for Each Team)

  • Business (Organizational leadership that has business impact and business measure)

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